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Rogelio Bernal AndreoUSA
Thorsten BrandesGermany
Michael BreiteGermany
Jon ChristensenUSA
Russell CromanUSA
Thomas V. DavisUSA
R Jay GaBanyUSA
Robert GendlerUSA
Edmund GeorgiiFrance
Immo GerberGermany
George GreaneyUSA
Bud GuinnUSA
Dietmar HagerAustria
Per-Magnus HedénSweden
Kerry-Ann Lecky HepburnCanada
Rochus HessAustria
Dean JacobsenUSA
Chris JohnsonUSA
Günter KerschhuberAustria
Manfred KonradGermany
Jim LaffertyUSA
Daniel MarquardtZuerich/Switzerland
John A McCubbinUSA
J-P MetsävainioFinland
Wolfgang PromperAustria
Roth RitterNew Mexico
Dean RoweUSA
Johannes SchedlerAustria
Jim SolomonUSA
TG TanAustralia
Jim ThommesUSA
Scott TuckerUSA
Takayuki YoshidaJapan
Thomas WahlGermany


Barnards CatalogEdward Emerson Barnard's Photographic Atlas of Selected Regions of the Milky Way
Sharpless CatalogThe Nebula Catalog by Stewart Sharpless
Gum CatalogThe Nebula Catalog by Colin Gum
RCW CatalogThe Nebula Catalog by Alex Rodgers, Colin Campbell and John Whiteoak
Messier CatalogThe Messier Catalog at
Messier CatalogThe Messier Catalog at the NGC/IC-Project Page
NGC/IC CatalogThe NGC/IC Catalog at the NGC/IC-Project Page
Herbig-Haro ObjectsCatalog of Herbig-Haro Objects
Astronomy Resources from STScIResources by the Space Telescope Science Institute
ADCAstronomical Data Center


Autoguider CalculatorCalculate the timings for your autoguider
Yahoo GroupDiscussion about autoguiding: dedicated autoguiders ST4...
Focusing an AutoguiderFocusing an Autoguider by Jerry Lodriguss
Getting Started with the SBIG ST4Getting Started with the SBIG ST4 Autoguider by Wil Milan
Instructions And Tips For Using the ST4 Instructions And Tips For Using the ST-4 Autoguider by James J. Janusz

Image processing

Luminance Corrected LRGBTechnique described by Steve Cannistra
LLRGB Processing Flowby Russell Croman
Multiple Luminance Layering (LLRGB) using Photoshopby Robert Gendler
Star Shapingby Matt BenDaniel

Color Management

ICCThe International Color Consortium
White is Green
efg's Color Reference LibrarySome more on color....
Monitor calibration and gamma by Norman Koren
ColorChecker RGB Summaries by Bruce Lindbloom


DeepskyGerman Forum
CloudyNightsForum in the USA


Collection of homepage links to amateur astronomers worldwideby Christian Vestergaard
Personal Pages of Astronomers by Richard Bell
NASA APODAstronomy picture of the day
Heavens abovePredictions for ISS, SpaceShuttle, Satellites
Polar AlignmentThe Drift Method explained by Peter Kennett